Over the recent years, composition asphalt roofing has become a significantly more popular choice of roof for many homeowners due to its flexibility and affordability. Beyond these benefits, the variety of colors and designs available in this style of residential roof also allow it to be adaptable to nearly any type of home.here.


                             Often the choice for high-end residential roofing around California, wood shake style roofs offer several benefits homeowners may not even know about. For instance, cedar and wood shingles can often help save on energy costs through proper insulation of the attic and the allowance for circulating air throughout the home. 


                                        If you’re looking for a style of residential roof with solid aesthetic appeal as well as strength and durability, then stone-coated steel may be for you. Beyond its ability to beautify your home, stone-coated steel provides superior protection against the most damaging of California's weather. 


                                   Known for their rigidity and strength, cement tile roofs are an excellent choice for homeowners who desire overall durability. With the added guard of water-locks and interlocking ribs, cement tile roofs will not only protect your home from water infiltration, they will last for decades to come.


                                      is both a sustainable and beautiful choice for a new home, which is why many builders in California are turning to it as an alternative. Besides providing a home with superior protection from the outer elements unmatched by any other residential roof style, clay tile roofs have a visual appeal that will only enhance with age.


                                               Slate style roofs not only provide superior protection for your home, they are completely customizable in appearance.  Homeowners will be amazed at the variety of thickness, color, shape and even texture options that are available to choose from.


                                                                     For those who would like to install a great looking roof while still staying on budget, Petrashishin Roofing provides a variety of synthetic slate and shake shingle options to choose from. With the same aesthetic value as an actual wood or slate roofs, synthetic slate and shake roofs will not only save homeowners money, but time spent on maintenance as well.


                                  Over the most recent years, standing seam roofs have risen in popularity for their durability and quick installations. A step up from the tin roofs of the past, a standing seam roof will protect your home while also enhancing its outward appearance.